SmartRents 3 Month Membership Giveaway (5 Winners) – Click here to ENTER @ JamericanSpice is an online educational video game rental company, featuring LeapFrog and VTech You can RENT games from eight game systems, including Little Leaps, Clickstart, Leapster, Didj, V.Smile Baby, V.Smile, V.Motion, and V.Flash.  All games are available to rent including those no longer available on the market for purchase.  You can choose from one of several SmartyRents rental packages to meet the individual needs of each child in your family.  This online rental company works similar to Netflix, in that, your selected game titles are shipped free, directly to your door and with no late fees.  games.

One of the most impressive services SmartyRents provides to parents is the ability to search for games by a specific educational skill.  For example, if your child is struggling with addition, you can search for only those games that address addition.  Parents can search among 150 educational skills to select key skills pertinent to their child’s age and learning level.  Games are available for children as young as 9 months to 10 years old.  SmartyRents is owned and operated by credentialed teachers with Master’s Degrees in Education. After becoming stay-at-home moms, it soon became their goal to provide families with a fun and affordable way to promote education in the home.

Check out to see how this great website can save your family money!  This is an inexpensive way for you to provide your children with a variety of educational games without the high cost of buying a game only to have their interests change before you’ve gotten your monies worth.

To get started, there are four simple steps:
  1. Register as a SmartyRents member.
  2. Choose the rental package that best fits your needs:
    • 1 game, 2 games, 3 games, or 4 games at a time
  3. Begin your child’s learning experience by adding games to your Game
  4. Your game(s) will be delivered to your door to keep for as long as you want to play.
Additionally, if you love the game so much that it pains you to part with it, then take advantage of our “LOVE IT” option. The “LOVE IT” option allows you to keep the game by purchasing it at the “LOVE IT” price.
SmartyRents would like to offer everyone a promo code worth 1 FREE month of the 1 Game at a Time package or $9.99 towards the package of your choice.  Use Promo code: d1cbdd.  In addition to that, they are also offering a Give-a-Way for a 3 month membership to 5 lucky readers.
Giveaway: Free 3 Month Membership to SmartRents – 5 Winners!

Giveaway ends August 23, 2010, 11:00pm CST.


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