Pocket Purifier Review (& SunMate US/CAN Giveaway Ends 8/3) – CLICK HERE TO ENTER @ Mama’s Money Savers


The Pocket Purifier is a handheld germicidal light made by Purely Products.  It is lightweight and convenient and also has a flashlight on it.  The purpose of the Pocket Purifier is to sanitize surfaces and objects using the same UV-C light that sterilizes surgical instruments.  Ultraviolet light and nanotechnology eliminate 99.9% of germs that cause colds, flu, e-coli, salmonella, mold, fungus, and MRSA (staph.)  It can be used on all high-touch surfaces at home, work, or in public.  It is the most environmentally responsible way to kill germs without chemicals.

BUY IT: The Pocket Purifier is $29.95 and the SunMate is $19.95.  Save 25% off your entire order (excluding Purely UV germicidal replacement bulbs) at the Purely Products website.

GIVEAWAY: (1) winner will receive a SunMate

This contest is only open to US and Canadian residents.


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