Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System Review and Giveaway – CLICK HERE TO ENTER @ EightyMPHmom

lysol review
Lysol No Touch Hand Soap System review and giveaway

I dislike germs.  I mean really, really dislike germs.  I have even been known to use a paper towel to open restroom doors when I am out in public places.  At home I am constantly wiping down counters with Lysol antibacterial wipes and sprays and changing hand towels daily.  Sometimes even those things do not seem like enough to keep germs at bay, especially during cold and flu season.  I have always loved the hands-free soap systems in hospitals and other places, and I cannot begin to tell you how delighted I was to learn that Lysol has come up with a hands-free soap system like this for home-use!

The Lysol Healthy Touch is for use in the kitchen or bathroom, it helps stop the spread of germs by automatically sensing hands and dispensing antibacterial soap that kills 99.9% of bacteria, including E.coli, MRSA and Strep.  The hand soaps are also enriched with moisturizing ingredients.

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Lysol Healthy Touch No-Touch Hand Soap System

Lysol Healthy Touch Review and giveaway

Two (2) Winners: One winner will receive a Lysol Healthy Touch starter kit, and another winner will win Lysol Wipes and Lysol Disinfecting Spray!

Giveaway ends on February 28th at 9:00 (PST)

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