Oreck Platinum Pilot Vacuum *Review and Giveaway – CLICK HERE TO ENTER @ MOMMY’S HANGOUT


Oreck Platinum Pilot™.

The new Oreck Platinum Pilot™ with 360° Glide moves like nothing else, to let you go everywhere dirt goes, with easy steering and amazing maneuverability. At just 10 lbs.*, it features a re-engineered, powerful, pile-lifting roller brush that moves through carpet easier and cleans better than ever. The New Pilot pulls out deeply embedded dirt, dust, dander, and pet hair. All from a vacuum that weighs just a little more than a gallon of milk.

Oreck Platinum Pilot with 360° Glide uses a unique ball-joint and pivot connection to easily guide the vacuum exactly where you need it to go. It corners couches, glides in and out of small spaces, and turns on a dime – so you can clean in one continuous motion.

Top Features of The New Oreck Platinum Pilot with 360° Glide:

  • Unique ball-joint and pivot connection provide easy steering and greater maneuverability
  • Advanced HEPA filtration and antimicrobial protection: The Pilot features IntellaShield Technology™. This is an anti-microbial agent built right into key points of the vacuum that inhibits the growth and reproduction of bacteria, mold and mildew – in and on the vacuum. It works even when the vacuum is turned off – which helps create a healthier clean.
  • Two speed settings: The Pilot’s high speed helps it clean deep pile carpet, while its low speed is gentle enough to clean Oriental and Persian rugs. The two-speed switch in the handle makes it easy to start and stop the motor – with no stooping.
  • Advanced sound-dampening technology
  • Sleek, simple, modern design
  • 10 FREE annual tune-ups (a $400 value!) ( what other Vacuum does this!)
  • 30-foot power cord lets you clean large areas without tedious plugging and unplugging.


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  1. I totally want to win this!

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