Oreck Halo Giveaway _ Click here to ENTER @ Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous!

I have been wanting one of the  Oreck Halo vacuum for so long now and here is my chance to win one and I’ll share it with you! Hoping that you dont win 🙂

  • Carpet can be the most germ-ridden surface in your home. It can contain approximately 200,000 microbes of bacteria per square inch, and as many as 100,000 dust mites per square yard.
  • A typical square inch of kitchen tile floor can contain over 2,500 bacteria.
  • Bacteria samples from a typical home show that the bathroom floor contains 18,025 bacteria per square inch, while the toilet seat has only 49 bacteria per square inch!

The Oreck Halo uses UV-C light to actually kill bacteria, viruses, dust mite eggs (ew.), flea eggs, lice and mold. Before I tried out the vacuum, I wondered if using the Oreck Halo might increase my cleaning time – would I have to let the light sit on an area of carpet for a minute or two to ensure the UV-C light did it’s job? The answer is no. Take a look at this chart to see how many seconds it takes to kill 99.99% of bacteria:

The Oreck Halo has a 13ft hose for cleaning stairs, furniture, and hard to reach areas. Of course, those areas won’t benefit from the UV-C light though.

Oreck Halo UV-C Germ Killing Vacuum!

This giveaway will end on January 15th at 9:00pm CTGiveaway is open to Canadian and US addresses.


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