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Suave has created a new line of skin care products that is definitely working to eliminate ashy and welcome ravishingly beautiful skin. Their NEW Suave Naturals Wild Cherry Blossom Indulgent Body includes Vitamin E and Cherry Blossom extract that definitely pampers your skin.
Suave Naturals Body Wash moisturizes while cleansing your skin and the scent is delish! Not too strong and not too weak, but just right. I’m very sensitive to strong smell and so this is just perfect for my nose.

What woman hasn’t lusted after the much sought after shea butter and cocoa butter for their promise of beautiful, soft skin. I know I have since I was a mere child!

This is where Suave Skin Therapy Cocoa Butter with Shea comes in. You can use it anytime, all the time and anywhere and you smell yum!

I got to try a few of their products and I love them. I sometimes use Suave products and have always thought their products were great so I enjoyed using these products.

Actress and (busy!) celebrity mom Holly Robinson Peete is teaming up with Suave in their skin care program dubbed “Shower Yourself Beautiful”.
With fun and easy to do tips, Robinson encourages us to make the most of life’s small indulgences in taking care of our bodies and in doing so replenishes ourselves as a whole.

Suave®Skin knows how important it is for busy moms – like you – to take time for yourselves. That’s why they want to provide you with everything you’ll need to “Shower Yourself Beautiful” every day.

These are some of Robinson’s personal tips that you can try:

Slip into a Delicious Fragrance
Wear an alluring fragrance that makes you feel beautiful. Skip perfume, which can feel heavy on skin in the summer, and try new Suave® Naturals Wild Cherry Blossom Indulgent Body Wash. Infused with cherry blossom extracts and Vitamin E, this body wash leaves skin pampered and moisturized, with a delicious fragrance

Book an Appointment with yourself:
Shower yourself beautiful by hosting an at-home spa day. Invite girlfriends over for manicures and pedicures and paint fingers and toes summer-inspired shades of sorbet. Once nails are dry, generously apply a moisturizing body lotion to keep hands and feet soft and smooth all summer long.

Schedule a “Tea” Time
Studies show that taking even a two minute break from your hectic schedule can reduce stress levels. Try this trick to add some relaxation to your daily grind. Instead of rushing through lunch, schedule a leisurely tea time for yourself complete with mini tea sandwiches and a cup of chamomile tea. Then get settled in a quiet part of your home or office — free of distractions — to start your summer reading list.

Love, Me
Send yourself some flowers — especially if you already need to swing by the florist to pick up flowers for a wedding or baby shower. Seasonal summer flowers, such as lavender and sweet pea, are a budget-friendly way to pamper yourself and brighten up your home.

Shower Yourself Beautiful Every Day
Trade in your daily shower for a relaxing bath that’s fit for a queen! Transform your bathroom into a private sanctuary by lighting an aromatherapy-inspired candle and playing your favorite tunes. Be sure to use Suave® Naturals Lavender Vanilla Calming Body Wash. The soothing scent of lavender will calm your senses and transport your mind to a tranquil oasis.

The pampering of yourself continues with the chances to win some great giveaways!
You can actually enter two separate giveaways. Starting on June 15th, Suave began weekly giveaways for chances to win some amazing prizes for your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room and summer traveling.

Visit here to go to Suave’s site for their cool giveaways and for a chance to win the ultimate at-home shower for yourself and your friends..

The second giveaway is through Amy Sobel and Momselect. I have a bundle of 3 Suave Skin products to give to one lucky winner.


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