Naturel View Naturel View is a company specializing in Organic Skincare, Bath & Body Care, Spa, Cosmetics and Organic Home Care Products with Design Accents. Based out of Blue Ridge, Texas, their products are handcrafted with 100% Natural and Certified Organic Ingredients. They use herbs, flowers, seeds, roots, vegetables, grains, fruits, infused oils, base vitamins, pure honey, organic base oils, and pure essential oils to craft their superior products.

Lemon Lime Organic Soap from Naturel View

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Naturel View


Votre Vu – Review and Giveaway!

10 June 2009 – by courtney

Votre Vu The best way to describe Votre Vu is as a skin care company that blends French finesse with American flair.  Votre Vu was launched quietly in September of 2008 with some 50 botanically infused products, including face cremes and serums, slimming gelees, a bust-firming balm, shampoo, and a first of it’s kind beauty beverage.  Within the first two months of its soft opening, Votre Vu rung up close to $1 million in sales, garnered streams of positive consumer feedback, received a silver Davey Award for its Premiere Catalogue, and secured an ever-growing sales team of more than 1200 Independent Consultants in all 50 states.

Amour D'Ore


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