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Fast as it is easy to use.

What kind of floors can I use my Steamboy on?

Clean Your Floors, Help Save The Planet.
With our fragile ecosystem, why use potentially harmful chemicals to clean floors? A pristine floor through the chemical-free power of steam is at consumers’ fingertips with the innovative Steamboy T1 Steam Floor Mop.
Fast as it is easy to use.
Don’t stand around waiting for steam to begin. Save time with the wait-free Steamboy. Simply fill the removable tank with water, plug in and it’s ready for use. A powerful steady stream of steam sanitizes floors as it cleans, keeping families (and their pets) healthy by ridding homes of bacteria and microbes.
What kind of floors can I use my Steamboy on?
Whether floors are tiled, sealed hardwood, carpeted or ceramic, the Steamboy is powerful enough for any job. With an 180˚ swivel head and an 11-inch cleaning path, it never misses a spot – maneuvering through tight spaces and under furniture.
What comes with?
Every Steamboy comes with 2 machine or hand washable cloth pads, a carpet glide for cleaning and deodorizing carpets. A replaceable demineralizing crystal water filter helps ensure the longevity of the Steamboy.

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Versatile and easy to use.
The Steamboy T1 is both versatile and easy to use. Need to clean hard surfaces? No problem. How about carpet? With our new Steamboy carpet glide, you can now clean & disenfect carpets as easily as hard floor surfaces
Replaceable water filter.
To ensure a long life, we equip the Steamboy with a replaceable water filter. The water filter ensures that the internal parts of the steam mop stay clean. When the filter changes color (approximately 6 months of regular use) simply slide it out, and replace it with a new unit.
Easy to refill.
The Steamboy is made to tackle the toughest floor cleaning jobs. When the water has been used up, simply slide the container out and refill it. The water container on the Steamboy has a large 3.3 cup capacity.
Heavy-duty microfiber pad.
A tough steam mop requires a tough pad. We use the finest quality microfiber available, with a composition of 70% polyester, and 30% polyamide. The perfect combination of strength, absorption and durability.
180º Swivel-head.
Convenience and practicality are what separates the Steamboy from other mops. Our 180º swivel-head allows you to get into tight corners with ease. Without this feature, it is impossible to get into the crevices where dirt and germs lurk.
Model T1
Electrical 110V/120V
Water capacity 3.3 cups – 800ml
Wattage 1500W
Steam ready time Immediate
Continuous steam 30 minutes
Power consumption 13 amps
Electrical approval ETL
Weight – net 8 lbs
Shipping dimensions 8” x 28” x 7”
Shipping weight 9 lbs
Steam starts immediately – No waiting
Powerful 1500W heating element
180º swivel head to get into tight spaces and under furniture
11″ cleaning path with swivel head
3.3 cup water capacity
30 minutes continuous steam
Ergonomically designed handle to reduce hand and wrist stress
16′ electrical cord with wrap around feature
2 microfiber cloth pads
1 water filter
1 carpet glide


The Steamboy T1 retails for $99.00…
Steamboy T1

Contest is open to US. Apo/Fpo & Canada
Contest Ends: April 13


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